Badacsonyi Kéknyelű


It boasts with the prestigious title of the flagship wine of the Badacsony wine region. Its grape only grows on this volcanic soil. It can only be found on 40 hectares worldwide. It is only cultivated here as it does not survive elsewhere. A real Hungaricum. It received its name for the bluish pigmentation along the edges of the vine leaves (Kéknyelű = Blue Stem).
It is a dry white wine of pale lemon colour, rich in acids without being intrusive.
Its aroma reminds you of green spices, citruses, stone fruits and sometimes flowers. Patient wine drinkers can also discover wild flowers and pear in it.
It was King Mathias’s favourite wine.




Badacsonyi Olaszrizling


The Badacsony wine region provides the best soil for this grape type. Its acids are soft and its discreet flavours contain traces of almond and reseda. Thanks to its mineral content, it has exceptionally beneficial effects on the body. The Olaszrizling grape grown in this wine region of Hungary has the highest magnesium content. It is a dry white wine with strong characteristics of its type.





Badacsonyi Szürkebarát

A full-bodied, dry white wine with silky acid content and rich in alcohol, this type is deservedly popular in the Badacsony wine region. It received its name from the monks in grey robes who brought its grape into Hungary (Szürkebarát = Grey Friar). It is characterised by golden yellow colour and a slightly bitter flavour with notes of pear and peach. It also carries the aroma of liquorice and valerian. Its mineral content is also significan





Cabernet Sauvignon

 We grow its grape on the southern slopes of Saint George Hill. Its scent reminds you of red fruits. The aroma of this full-bodied dry red wine is dominated by the blend of black currant, mint and berries. It has remarkable mineral contents and due to its high antioxidant content it is recommended to consume 10 ml daily.




 Badacsonyi Kékfrankos Rozé

It received its name from the soldiers arriving in our country who paid for the wine with blue French coins (Kékfrankos = Blue Franc). Thanks to the reductive technology, it manages to preserve its fresh, fruity nature. It is a light wine of growing popularity these days.

It is the pleasant drink of summer evenings.