Introducing ourselves

Have you ever felt being surrounded by tranquillity and peacefulness while you feel you are standing in the most beautiful place on Earth? Those who visit us at Boksay Winery, perhaps the smallest winery on Saint George Hill, will be greeted by breathtaking view. The volcanic cones of Badacsony and Gulácsi Hill are to the left; you can see the awe-inspiring ruins of the Szigligeti Castle opposite, while you can marvel at the silvery glitter of the Bay of Keszthely and the water of Lake Balaton to the right.

The chapel of Lengyel-Tót creates a historical atmosphere in the background. Young people wonder how beautiful a wedding ceremony can be here! And, indeed, the bell often rings, inviting people for a prayer.

“If I could taste the best wines of the hill while sitting back, relaxing under the vines, I would be the happiest in the world!” the thirsty guest thinks. And then our silver medallist Badacsonyi Kéknyelű wine and our gold medallist Badacsonyi Szürkebarát wine arrive on the table, as well as the Badacsonyi Olaszrizling, which enjoys its best region here. But the wine tasting cannot miss the Kékfrankos Rosé, either, the favourite light wine of summer evenings.

This is the experience we would like to share with more and more wine-lovers who visit us. Our winery endeavours to prepare unique, artisan and delicate wines from the special grape types growing here. We provide exceptional atmosphere and feeling for you to taste these wines; something you will always remember.